Our Reviews of the Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector


    Product Overview

    Garrett is a US-based company known for manufacturing top quality metal detectors. The company has been supplying their customers with security detectors since 1964. They also produce a wide variety of other metal tools such as a sand scoop, digging tools, armrest cuff, gold pan and more.

    Moreover, Garrett is well renowned for its metal detectors, and one of their best-selling brands is the Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector. The Garrett ACE 400 was launched in April 2016. This metal detector is designed to suit any types of users.

    Garrett ACE 400 and its Features

    Although this is pretty similar to the other Garrett ACE series metal detectors, the new design includes improved features. These features make it an outstanding and dependable product overall. Here are the key features of the Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector:

    • Digital Target ID: Unlike the old ACE Garrett metal detectors that lack digital target IDs, the ACE 400’s zero to 99 scale provides target information on the LCD screen. The ACE 350 utilizes a segment identification method which tells the user if the target is gold, iron, copper, etc. Howbeit, this is too broad when metal identification is concerned. On the other hand, the ACE 400 also provides target metal information but with more accuracy and specification.
    • Adjustable Frequency: The Garret ACE 400 is crafted with 10 KHz frequency making the device more sensitive to conductivity targets like lead and gold. The device also includes a frequency adjustment feature which helps users to adjust frequencies slightly. This component helps them stamp out obstructions such as other detectors or electricity sources.
    • DD- Proformance Waterproof Search Coil: This product ships with an 8.5” x 11”DD- Proformance Search Coil which is one of the company’s popular EuroACE™ and ACE™ detectors. The DD-Proformance Search Coil is advantageous for getting max depth and covering wider ground a lot faster. This is also ideal if you are looking for sensors to use underwater or on shallow streams.
    • Iron Audio: This feature allows users to hear discriminated iron. It also lets users toggle the detector’s signal range. The Iron Audio feature helps the user hear the iron load and content on flat-surfaced steel objects. Among these objects are washers or bottle caps that often deceit detectors as being good targets when in fact, they are nothing but trash.
    • Cam Locks: The ACE 400 now includes cam locks which add stability and durability to the detector. Metal detectors are commonly composed of three removable parts. The areas where these parts connect are usually weak which tolerates wobbling when the user swings the detector. Cam locks are created to tighten and provide support for those joints, preventing the detector from wiggling and falling apart.
    • Search Methods: The ACE 400 is engineered with five search modes: zero discrimination, jewelry, coins, relics, and custom. It also includes eight sensitivity adjustments, electronic pinpointing – for a precise target location and speed recovery – and high-end iron discrimination.

    Other attributes:

    • The detector includes a comprehensive manual which best suits treasure hunting newbies.
    • The sensor operates with 4 AA 5-volt batteries which are equal to 25 hours of standard treasure hunting.
    • It comes with a Pulse-width pitch audio for a more responsive and sharper sound.
    • The device provides ClearSound Headphones.

    Other Things You Need to Know About the ACE 400                                          


    For most metal detectors, depth usually depends on certain factors such as ground conditions, machine settings, target volume, etc. Moreover, based on an article from smarthobby.com, you should be able to reach an average of 8-10” U.S quarter on the neutral ground.

    Ground Balance

    The ground balance of the Garrett ACE 400 is factory set which means users cannot adjust it.

    Water-involved Usage

    The ACE 400 includes the DD-Proformance Searchcoil which is submersible making it possible to use the product underwater or on wet ground. However, the control box isn’t waterproof.


    The ACE 400 is one of the most lightweight metal detectors on the market with just about 2.9lbs (1.32 kg) in weight.

    The Pros and Cons of the Garrett ACE 400


    1. Easy to Use – Whether you’re an expert treasure hunter or a beginner, the ACE 400 is engineered to suit every treasure hunter. The product comes with an explicit handbook to help guide users, but this detector is undeniably easy to use. The Garrett Metal Detector product designs are apt, and the operation is not laborious.
    2. Iron Audio Feature – One of the principal reasons why the ACE 400 is better than the former Garrett ACE metal detector series is its Iron Audio feature. Although the other metal detectors allow users to gather information about its target, the ACE 400’s Iron Audio feature offers a more accurate and precise target metal identification.
    3. Lightweight – If you are treasure hunting and wandering around looking for a target, the last thing you would want to carry around is a heavy metal detecting equipment. Good thing that the ACE 400 with its coil weighs only 2.9 lbs. It is ideal for long treasure hunting sessions.
    4. A Definite Steal – The fact that the ACE 400 has features that are non-existent with the other Garrett ACE metal detectors but with the same price range is an advantage.
    5. Top-notch Customer Support – Garrett is a company well-renowned for providing quality metal detectors and top of the line support for their clients. Moreover, the ACE 400 also includes a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


    1. Not Fully Waterproof – Although the coil and pole included in the ACE 400 kit are waterproof, the control box isn’t. Thus, it is impossible to submerge the device underwater entirely.
    2. Factory Set Ground Balance – Since the Ground Balance in the ACE 400 is factory set, there is no way for users to adjust it. This also means that the detector will be a bit of a mission to use on the highly mineralized soil.

    End Note

    If you are on the hunt for a new metal detector, the Garrett ACE 400 must be on the topmost of your list of choices. Garrett alone is a great company and has proven its name on the metal detector manufacturing industry for decades. It is undeniably a given that this product is one of the finest brands you can find on the market. You can get this metal detector on Amazon at an affordable price.


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